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When it comes to personal well-being or performance on the job, the right food is often crucial. But especially in working life, it’s hard to find the time. That’s why we set out to supply our customers with tasty, full-service catering services – anytime, anywhere. Whether we are serving kids, students, or seniors, our focus is always on people’s well-being and enjoying good food.

The quality of catering services is also an important factor in the current labor market. Our proven quality in food services can support you and free up your time for other things. Let us make your menu a real treat and make you even more attractive as an employer.

Added value through our overview 

  • Broad range of daily food service options in various fields
  • All kinds of diets and special foods
  • Locally sourced food
  • High quality
  • High sustainability standards

More than 30 years of experience in catering and truly full-spectrum food service

Eating well forms the foundation of well-being and performance.

With our broad range of food service offerings, we specialize in providing people with high-end, nutritious food anytime, anywhere.

A few key principles apply to everything we offer. For example, we are always looking to sustainability, and we source mainly local foods. Certified organic foods are also available upon request, of course.

We are also happy to accommodate individual requirements. We offer all kinds of diets and special foods so that everyone can share the joy of a good meal.

Our technologies are tailored to fit our customers, not the other way around. This concern the production methods, order service, and billing systems alike. Last but not least, we’re happy to accommodate any special requests and offer solutions that go beyond simply serving food.

The right dish for any group

More than 30 years of experience and 7,2 million meals a year speak volumes. We draw on this experience to offer you true variety, from a coffee bar to full food service. We are driven by one aim: to thrill you time and time again with fresh offerings and campaigns. 

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Food Service Innovation LabTaking catering to the next level

How can we harness seamless digitalization and economies of scale to set new standards in food service? That’s just one of the questions we ask ourselves at the Dussmann Food Service Innovation Lab. 

Catering made by DussmannWhat do we mean by sustainability?

Sustainability and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive. That’s why we set out, in our role as caterers and a family company, to work with our customers to craft sustainable local concepts. 

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High quality and hygiene for peace of mind

We offer you peace of mind and transparent documentation when it comes to food hygiene and personal hygiene. We hold certification under EN ISO 9001, ISO 22000, along with a proven HACCP concept of our own that you can count on: 

  • Analysis of potential risks to foods in the production process
  • Identification of points where risks may arise in the production process
  • Specification of critical control points for food safety
  • Effective testing and monitoring procedures for the critical control points 
  • Internal audits for quality assurance


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Let us advise you. Depending on your needs, we can offer you competent individual services or a customized full-service package - all from a single source. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.