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Security services by Dussmann

We ensure your security 

Your expectations, the legislation in force and the assessment of relevant risks form the basis of Dussmann’s security concepts. The key factors for the perfect execution of this concept are quality, highly trained security guards, precise administration, the efficient operation of the organization and innovative technology. Taken together they are essential for us to be able to provide you with the highest possible level of security.

We are committed to providing a high level of security services, strictly complying with both international and Hungarian laws in force.

Added value through our services

  • Continually trained professional staff
  • Strong workforce retention capability
  • Innovative workflows
  • Theoretical, personal and material support individually tailored to your needs
  • Optimized processes with high cost-effectiveness
  • Corporate social responsibilities
  • International background

We create and maintain the optimal level of security

To provide a high level of property protection service, you need well-trained staff, whom you can always count on.  Therefore we pay great attention to the selection process and ensure they receive regular, ongoing training and education.

 Through the utilization of our digital management system, our clients receive real-time insights into the security activities occurring within their protected facilities.You can count on our customer-focused quality management. Our specialized department responsible for easy-to-integrate security systems ensures that your security requirements are met and kept up to date.

Our Business Continuity Plan guarantees the provision of continuous, smooth service and contributes to the implementation of our principals’ business continuity plans.

Drone on a construction site with Dussmann employees

Use of drone technology in facility protection

Unmanned aerial vehicles can perform various property protection support tasks, which can greatly contribute to increasing the security of industrial facilities and managing any unforeseen events, which may have occurred.

Contact directly near you

Use our location search feature to find the right point of contact near you and contact the appropriate branch location – by e-mail, phone or simply by using our contact form.

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Integratable security solutions from Dussmann

CUSTOM-FIT SECURITYIntegratable security solutions

The topic of security requires the perfect cooperation of many components. Traditional facility protection systems implement their services separately and independently of each other. These traditional solutions are replaced by integrated systems, which are able to manage multiple technical security and building monitoring systems used at the protected facility on a single platform. With our integrable solutions, we provide security tailored to your needs.

Dussmann Facility Management

A full range of safety and security service

With Dussmann, you can always rest easy knowing you are safe and secure. That goes for more than just security. We offer a wealth of different facility management services, which we work with our customers to craft into customized personal solutions.