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Facility security by Dussmann

Targeted and effective security

The creation of appropriate security is manifested in the pursuit of constant balance based on the consistency between the degree of current and expected threat and the effectiveness of protection.  To achieve this, we closely collaborate with our principals and design comprehensive security systems, which work effectively in the forecasting, maintenance, damage control and recovery phases alike.

We pay particular attention to prevention, so the vast majority of our protection concepts focus on prevention. Based on our experience, we know that maintaining the security level is not self-evident; therefore, it requires controlled, service-like operation. In order to meet these requirements, we continually train our staff in both theory and practice.

Our protection activities are performed nationwide. We offer a wide range of reliable protection to industrial units, research and development centres, office buildings, residential community complexes and church facilities. We pride ourselves on our value-creating services provided to our partners.

Added value through our services

  • Continually trained professional staff
  • Strong workforce retention capability
  • Innovative workflows
  • Theoretical, personal and material support individually tailored to your needs
  • Optimized processes with high cost-effectiveness
  • Corporate social responsibilities
  • International background

Our services in detail

We use, in a coordinated and proportionate manner:

  • integrated technical security system,
  • mechanical protection elements,
  • information systems,
  • regime measures regulating the security of the company,
  • work instructions governing the manned organization.

  • Conducting access control based on the client's internal regulations
  • Ensuring the order, tidiness and cleanliness of the reception and entrance area, by using cleaning staff, if necessary
  • Serving guests from entering the building to meeting the client’s representatives, booking taxis for visitors and employees, including fulfilling special requests (taxi with extra space, credit card payment)
  • Operating the telephone system (providing information by telephone about reception activities and call forwarding to the main line, for internal processing, as necessary)
  • Storing guests’ luggage, if necessary, and issuing cards or keys for lockers
  • Taking back and documenting cars rented by the client’s employees
  • Administering first aid in emergencies and participating in firefighting work, assisting in evacuation and taking measures in accordance with the emergency plan in close cooperation with the client

  • Monitoring and surveilling the entire facility area, with special regard to the identification and reporting of hazards as well as inspections carried out with a view to fire safety, property protection, environmental protection, and occupational safety and health
  • Controlling, directing and monitoring pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Checking the eligibility of people on the premises of the facility and ensuring that no unauthorized persons are present – removing unauthorized persons from the protected facility
  • Ensuring compliance with the parking rules
  • Monitoring the surrounding area and inspecting the areas around the facility for suspicious activities
  • Monitoring the opening of doors and gates, checking unauthorized access, and checking the integrity of doors, windows and other openings
  • Performing the access and exit control of the vehicles of transport companies in accordance with a specified protocol (e.g. AEO)

  • Checks of the property, inside and out
  • Opening and closing all building entrance doors (where necessary)
  • Arming or disarming the burglar alarm system as part of the locking round; where applicable, remedying fault alarms, such as reporting of open windows and doors through monitoring of conditions
  • Checking the functionality of exterior lighting
  • Ensuring traffic safety and, where applicable, taking initial steps such as blocking off certain areas or applying grit up to the property line

  • Regular patrolling in specific outdoor and indoor areas
  • Providing closing and opening service according to the employees’ working time and absence time
  • Checking the authorized presence of persons
  • Visually inspecting interior spaces and facilities in order to ensure their proper condition (emergency exits, windows and doors)
  • Fire prevention and fire safety
  • Applying advanced technical security systems
  • Preparing reports and documentation

  • Performing the monitoring and surveillance of transport systems and equipment
  • Ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in order to prevent accidents and malfunctions
  • Taking measures for road safety
  • In the event of an accident, saving lives and controlling damage, participating in the restoration of the original condition, documenting the incident and cooperating with the authorities

  • Managing on-call and client lines
  • Providing information and e-mail addresses as permitted by data security and privacy laws
  • Receiving and connecting internal and external calls
  • Forwarding messages to authorized recipients or appropriate substitutes
  • Linking callers to service numbers and providing the customer service phone number
  • Receiving and forwarding telephone complaints
  • Forwarding calls and correspondence

  • Receiving and documenting mail and parcel items
  • Distributing incoming mail items in-house or within a central mailbox system, if any
  • Handling and documenting outbound mail items

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Security service by Dussmann  

Security is more than just plant and site security 

With Dussmann, you can always rest easy knowing you are safe and secure. That goes for more than just plant and site security. We offer a wealth of different security services, which we work with our customers to craft into customized personal solutions – from trained employees to management of electronic key systems.